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Thanks for dropping by, but please note this site is no longer being updated. You can follow my latest musing and other stuff at The Barbelhammer's Blog.


Welcome to my modest little venture into web-mastering. The site is based around my two hobbies of angling and supporting West Ham United FC. I have created it both for fun, and for the technical challenge.

About Barbel Angling


A superb specimenMost of my fishing is for the prince of UK rivers, the barbel. This species is a lover of medium to fast flowing rivers, with gravel beds. Originally, it could only found in rivers that had their outflows into the North Sea, but stocking programs (both legal and illegal) have seen it spread into suitable rivers throughout much of England, and parts of Wales. It has also been stocked into a number of still-waters, but the species is not suited to this environment, and most barbel anglers avoid these fisheries.


It is much prized in the UK as a sporting fish, as it is a powerful fighter once hooked, and will battle to the last. The popularity of the species has grown substantially over recent years, due in no small part to its increased presence across the country. The fish gets its name from the four fleshy barbules that hang down from each corner of its under-slung mouth. These barbules are used by the fish to help find its food. It mainly feeds on the bottom of the river, and is omnivorous, eating a wide variety of food items.


The British record stands at a weight of 21 lbs 2 ozs, from the Great Ouse near Newport Pagnell. This particular river has, in recent years, produced several fish of exceptional weights. A barbel of ten pounds or more is generally considered a "specimen", but this is not a hard and fast rule, as the size potential varies markedly from river to river. Southern rivers tend to produce larger fish than northern ones, probably due to warmer water temperatures.

About West Ham United FC


Bobby Moore

West Ham United - The Hammers - are an English Premier League football (soccer) club, based in the heart of London's East End. Founded in 1895 as the works team of a local ship-building firm, Thames Ironworks, it soon became an important part of the East End's social fabric. The club is commonly known to its supporters as "The Irons" because of this historic background. The club took part in the first ever match to be played at the famous Wembley Stadium, the 1923 FA Cup Final, losing 0-2 to Bolton Wanderers. The game attracted an estimated 200,000 spectators.


West Ham has a history of producing highly talented players from its youth development system. Famous players from the club include the world-renowned defender Bobby Moore (pictured), Geoff Hurst, scorer of the only hat-trick ever recorded in a World Cup Final, and Martin Peters who with the two already mentioned, created a triumvirate that West Ham fans will always claim was largely responsible for England's only World Cup win, in 1966. West Ham have won the English FA Cup on three occasions (1964, 1975, and 1980). They also won the European Cup Winners Cup in 1965.


The club has always been renowned for it's entertaining style of play, with an emphasis on flair and skill. Unfortunately,  the Hammers have rarely found the consistency required to sustain a regular challenge for honours. Consequently, the club has often disappointed its loyal and substantial fan-base.


The club recently returned to the Premier League, following a two-year stint in the second tier of the English Leagues. In their first season back, they confounded "experts" by performing well above expectations, finishing ninth in the league and reaching the FA Cup Final, where they lost an epic match in a penalty shoot-out to Liverpool. The 2006/07 season - in contrast - was a nightmare. Plagued by problems surrounding the transfers of Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano that saw the club fined a record 5.5 million, the club only avoided relegation on the very last day of the season.

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