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Christmas Spirit


Di Canio certainly created quite a stir when he spurned the chance to score a winning goal against Everton, in order that the injured Everton 'keeper could receive treatment. But was he right to do so?


You can bet if the situation had been reversed, the opposition would done their best to score against us, but does that make it the right thing to do? When a West Ham player goes down obviously injured, the Upton Park crowd (like any other) are very quick to jeer the other team's players if they continue to play on. However, if an opponent is down, we will be urging our players to take full advantage of the situation. Definitely double standards at work.


On this specific incident, actually I'm not convinced that Paolo would have scored as easily as most reports suggested. He was going away from goal to meet Tricky Trev's centre, and he would have had to bring it down and turn first. There were two Everton defenders within a couple of yards, who may well have closed him down in the time he would have needed to control it, and also two other defenders near the goal, who could have blocked a shot if he'd got one away. He could have tried a header, but he wouldn't have been able to get much power behind it, and from that range the two players near the goal might well have intercepted it. Having said that, if anyone could have scored, then it would be the Italian Wizard himself.


I think we should applaud Paolo for this act of sportsmanship, after all, it may bring us our only trophy this year - the FIFA Fair Play award.

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