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From Bad To Bloody Awful 

It’s now 3 months since West Ham managed a home win, and with only one away win in that time (against the mighty Bantams), our League position is starting to look decidedly dodgy.


Yesterday’s game against Everton was the latest in a string of dismal performances. Lack of confidence (and in some cases lack of effort) is pervading the whole team, and it’s difficult to see where the next goal - never mind a win - is coming from. A few minutes before half-time I said to my mate that we needed a bit of luck to give us a goal and maybe we could get going again. However, that luck soon went against us when Stuart Pearce conceded the penalty and got sent off for his troubles.


How ironic that, with Paolo having been given an award before the game by the Everton ‘keeper for his act of sportsmanship at Goodison last December, the referee should be hounded by Everton players deliberately seeking to get Pearce sent off. Judging by Paolo’s reaction to this, I doubt if the award is still in one piece!


Once again, Harry’s tactical nous has to be called into question. For a start, I can’t see how Song gets a starting place at wing-back in front of Schemmel, who has played well so far, and without dropping the sort of rickets that Song has on a number of occasions. Secondly, any other manager faced with the situation that we had in the second half would have used at least two substitutes to try and changes things. At two-nil down we had nothing to lose, and yet Harry sticks with those who are failing to produce the goods. Fredi still doesn’t look fully fit, and is well out of sorts, so Todorov should have had at least twenty minutes on the pitch, and (though I’m no great fan of his) Moncur might at least have introduced some bite and spark into the midfield, where all three of our England hopefuls are struggling.


The worst part of all this is that the future is starting to look rather dismal. We may have plenty of money to spend in the transfer market, but would any decent players want to come to a team struggling at the wrong end of the table? I doubt it, and as usual we will end up with a bunch of cast-offs, oldies, and maybe a couple of foreigners looking for a nice payday. If things don’t improve rapidly next season, then the chances of hanging on to the likes of Carrick and Cole will diminish equally rapidly.


The one bit of “good” news from yesterday was the announcement that season ticket prices are likely to remain frozen for next year. I also hear that with the opening of the new stand, the successful “Kids for a Quid” schemes as run in the Worthless Cup this season are likely to be extended. We may well need plenty of these youngsters coming in cheap, because with many more performances like yesterday’s, the team will be playing to a half-empty stadium next year.

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