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Goals, Goals, Goals!


What a bloody shambles! I sat in front of the television and watched West Ham at Blackburn yesterday, unable to believe what I was seeing. Iíve seen plenty of capitulations by us over the years, but this one probably tops them all. Coming straight after the abysmal showing at Everton, this made it doubly hard to take.
Yet the funny thing was, had the want-away boyís (improved England prospects at Sunderland - ask Kevin Phillips about that one, Trev) header gone in at the start of the second half, we could still have rescued something from the game. Going forward, we looked reasonable, but when we didnít have the ball, there was no desire to get it back, and no desire to pick up any opponents. Soma looked totally out of his depth on the left. Until his second rash tackle resulted in a red card, I would have exempted Repka from criticism, as he looks a fine defender, but he must learn to cut out the bookings, as we cannot afford to keep losing him at the moment.
Iím struggling to understand what is happening at Upton Park at the moment. Both our home games so far have seen good performances, notably in respect of the levels of effort and teamwork thatís been on display. Yet these qualities have been sadly lacking on the road since a promising showing at Anfield.
Roeder has to address the problems soon, starting with Saturdayís game against Southampton, which is already stacking up as a six-pointer in the relegation fight. Itís a game we must win. If Sinclair goes, as he most likely will, I think he should use the money to by another top-class defender. Hopefully Cole and Lomas will soon be returning to fitness, so the need to immediately find a midfield replacement for Trev is not necessarily an urgent requirement.

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