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Hell Freezes Over 

Thursday morning - I get up and look out of the window, and the view is white, white, and more white. No problem - I haven't got to go out until Saturday, for the inserting of blue flags into anal orifices, so the roads should be clear by then (I live in rural Bucks, and we don't always see salt and grit on our roads straight away). Furthermore, the under-soil system at the Boleyn should deal comfortably with a couple of inches of snow.


This was confirmed when I checked the official web site that evening. "There's more chance of hell freezing over than of Saturday's game being postponed. We've even been sprinkling the pitch today" it proudly boasted. Friday evening saw no change to this story, and neither did Saturday morning, so it was with every confidence that I set out for Upton Park.


I was driving through Victoria at around 1 o'clock, with Five Live on the radio, when suddenly they said the West Ham-Chelsea game was definitely OFF! "No way!" I thought, "they've got that wrong!" I continued on my journey, switching between Five Live and Talk Sport, until I'd heard it confirmed on both stations that the match had been postponed. VERY annoyed, I turned round and made my way home, still not quite able to believe that the much vaunted under-soil heating had failed it's first serious test.


Two rumours came out on Talk Sport during the return trip. One that someone had forgotten to turn the heating system on overnight, the other that part of the system had developed an airlock. Knowing West Ham, the first option seems the most likely, as it smacks of the incompetence that has characterised the club over the years. Either way, the club has let down it's supporters yet again.

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