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The Late Peter Marsen

Peter was my first angling companion, and became my closest friend during our teenage years. Sadly, he died in his early twenties. I often think of him when I've had a good catch, and wish that he was still here so that we could share the moment.

Graham's Double

My mate Graham with his first double (10.05), from the River Wye at Bredwardine, October 1995. Sweetcorn was the successful bait. The day before, he'd taken nine barbel to over eight pounds from the same swim.

Andy's Best Barbel

Andy with his biggest barbel to date - 13.07 from St Patrick's Stream, February 1999. A lump of flavoured meat was the bait.

Double Top (1)

A couple of weeks after taking that superb 13 pounder, Andy followed up by catching two doubles in the same session from St Pats, March 1999. This one weighed 10.05. Both were taken on flavoured meat.

Double Top (2)

The second of those two doubles, this one was 11.06. I took the photos of both fish - well I needed something to do that evening, as I couldn't get a bite!

A French Lump

Having caught himself some quality barbel, Andy then set about catching some large carp. He caught this impressive 44 pounder while on holiday in France, Spring 2001. Andy's son Scott is helping him hold it.

Bulky Bream

Andy caught this bream from a Berkshire lake in May 2005. It weighed in at a massive 13.07.

John's Perch

John with one of several 4 lbs + perch he has taken from a tiny stream.

Royalty Magic

On his first-ever visit to the famous Royalty fishery, Andy caught this superb 12.03 barbel. Boiles were the successful bait.

Great Grayling

Andy with the largest of three 2 lbs+ grayling caught from the River Dever in December 2005. This one weighed 2.09.

Porky Chub

One of Andy's biggest chub - 5.13 - from St Patrick's Stream, December 2006, caught on a bit of chopped ham and pork.

Teme First

Andy with his first Teme barbel, caught on his first-ever cast into the river, Sept 2007.

New Teme PB for Andy

Andy had a terrific autumn in 2009, starting with a new Teme PB of 7.01 during a week's holiday we had there.

New Severn PB for Andy

On the last day of the holiday, we went to the Severn and Andy caught his frist-ever fish from the river. Among the barbel he caught was this 10.05.

Andy's Thames PB

A new Thames PB of 11.02 for Andy, part of a 3 fish catch, all taken on boilies. November 2009.

He's At It Again!

A few days after catching his new PB, Andy netted another double from the same stretch. This one tipped the scales at exactly 10.00. He didn't tell me what he caught it on, but looking at the size of it's belly, I'd say it was eating anything and everything.

Another Thames PB for Andy

Andy caps his autumn run with yet another PB, this one from the Thames, at 11.05


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