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West Ham Articles

New Article Added (14th June 2005):


Cardiff II - The Revenge

Play-Off success at the second attempt.

There's a Hole in my Defence

Alan Pardew and Terrence Brown go round in circles.

Cardiff - The Millennium Stadium Experience

The Play-Off Final in Cardiff - a great day out spoiled by a football match.


How Good Were They Really

An assessment of the 2002/03 squad that was "Too good to go down"


Season 2000/01


End Of The Road For Harry (Updated 14/05/01)

Harry “resigns”, but why? And where do we go from here?


From Bad To Bloody Awful (Updated 01/04/01 - Its no joke)

Another dismal performance, five straight defeats, and the future looks bleak (but there is some good news!)


Over and Out (Updated 12/03/01)

Dreams fade and die for another season.


Cup or Bust (Updated 11/03/01)

With the Quarter Final match against Spurs looming, our season hangs on this one game.


The Result That Cheered A Nation (Updated 29/01/01)

More reflections on a famous cup win.


1-0 To The Real United! (Updated 28/01/01)

A brilliant result at Old Trafford puts us in the fifth round of the cup.


Paolo's Christmas Spirit (Updated 28/12/00)

Di Canio earned himself plenty of praise for deliberately turning down the opportunity to score a late winner at Goodison, as the Everton 'keeper lay injured, but was he right to do so?


Hell Freezes Over (Updated 03/01/01)

Upton Park's much-vaunted under-soil heating fails it's first serious test.

Season 2001/02


Ups And Downs (Updated 03/02/02)

The cost of supporting West Ham - from Kids for a Quid to Cup price hikes.


Christmas Bonus (Updated 16/12/01)

Four points from the Man Utd & Arsenal games are very welcome, but totally unexpected. Will ITV do us some justice?


Goals, Goals, Goals (Updated 15/10/01)

And all in the wrong bloody end!


Relegation Candidates? (Updated 11/08/01)

A new season is about to dawn, and the prospects are not too rosy.

Geoff Hurst completes his World Cup hat-trick


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